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Welcome Aboard Dr. Lydotta M. Taylor!

Driving your mission is what we do and with a new partnership, our tracks go even further! B63 Line is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Lydotta M. Taylor in support of our educational clients. This association furthers our expertise and reaffirms our commitment to the higher education industry.

Dr. Taylor has driven strategic planning, leadership development and change management [...]


A little luck is good. A lot is unrealistic.

When it comes to catching Leprechauns, chasing rainbows, or finding shamrocks, being lucky is part of the routine. Did you know that the odds of finding a four leaf clover is 10,000 to 1?

While just being in the right place at the right time can be how it works sometimes, understanding your market is more than crossing your fingers and [...]


Be thankful this Thanksgiving.

In 1620 a small band of persecuted people were moved to take action and boarded a ship setting sail for the New World. After a long and treacherous journey across the Atlantic, they landed at Plymouth as winter was arriving. The Pilgrims endured a long and brutal winter in which many of their community members lost their lives. However, once [...]


How to Make Your Content More Strategic in 5 Easy Steps

Developing Strategic Content

Whether it’s your sales brochure, website or a face-to-face conversation, the language you use to describe your products or services must be clear, concise and targeted to the buyer. A strategic approach to your content is your best bet to differentiate in the marketplace and inspire buyers to engage.

At B63 Line, we help clients uncover messaging platforms [...]


The Basics of Building an Effective Brand

Your Brand is Your Promise

How To Create an Effective Brand that Builds Trust

All businesses need an effective brand. Whether your business is small or large, commercial or B2B, branding is one of the most important aspects to your marketing strategy. Branded effectively, your company will have an edge over your competitors and create loyalty and trust between you and your [...]


6 Website Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

6 Tips to Stay a Step Ahead of Your Manufacturing Competitors

In the manufacturing industry websites are key to not only demonstrating how your tools work, but they also add value content to your company and help identify you as an expert within your industry. A poorly marketed and poorly maintained website can lead to loss of sales, misunderstandings of your [...]


Labor Day – Celebrate hard work.

For some, Labor Day signifies the end of summer, for others it’s one more swim at the local pool, attending a parade, or an excuse to be with family and friends around the grill. 131 years ago in New York City an idea began to circulate that we should pause to celebrate and honor those who have worked and continue to [...]


Three Reasons Market Research Is A Must

Wait! Before you write off market research as “just added cost” to the marketing budget, we think it’s important to consider a few things. This article seeks to demonstrate the value of market research and show why it’s actually an investment that pays dividends.

You see, advertising, communicating and promotion certainly cost money. But have you considered the lost [...]


10 Rebranding Costs You May Not Have Considered

Rebrand Your Company To Tell Your Story The Right Way!

10 Things to Consider When Changing A Brand

An effective market research effort may uncover the need to reposition your organization or to rebrand it entirely. While a fresh face and a clean slate can seem like a great way to reset for growth, don’t underestimate the costs associated with such [...]


Three Steps to Building a Brand That Resonates

Brand Building for Educational Institutions

Building a brand that resonates with your audience requires many things. Schools for example, must provide relevant curriculum, quality instruction, and high-tech classrooms. But beyond these functional attributes of education, students are also looking for emotional rewards to engagement. These are often the intangible attributes that make the fit feel right.

For example, things like history and [...]

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