Who do you think you are?

We offer expert services. Seriously. What do you stand for? Why should others care? As experts in audience engagement, B63 Line develops fresh, highly strategic and impactful solutions that build awareness and move markets to action.

We build lasting relationships for you ... and with you. We do that by starting with the end in mind. When all is said and done, what puts a smile on your face?

Driven to exceed profession and personal expectations, we enjoy creating success for our clients - and we're not finished until you're happy. So whether trying to build awareness, educate an audience or increase sales, there's not much we won't do for a client!

But here's what we do well:


It's who you are. It requires an honest inventory of what makes you unique in the marketplace. Whether it's a refresh of your logo or the development of an entire brand architecture, we can help generate the proper emotional response to your product or service.

Brand Naming
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging Strategy
Identity Development
Product Branding
Standards Integration
Brand Architecture
Brand Voice



Look good and be easily understood. We’ll focus on your audience to understand their needs and expectations as we begin. Then we’ll create visuals that support the brand, communicate the initiative and move your targets to action.

Graphic Design
3D Rendering & Animation
Motion Graphics
Package Design
Collateral Systems
Environmental & Exhibit
Event Signage



The world’s gone mobile! Stay on their minds and in their pockets with mobile integration of all your digital assets. But remember that digital is just one more tool in your marketing tool belt. It still requires consistent tone, messaging and brand integration to fully leverage your marketing mix.

Social Media
Website Design
Website Hosting
Mobile Applications
UX/UI Design
Video Production
Information Architecture
Strategic Roadmapping


When promoting a product or service, successful engagement requires talking with – not to – your audience. From concept to customer, our solutions are customized to business objectives and crafted to audience preferences. Metrics are established and monitored to ensure return on investment as we work to build awareness and move your markets to action.

Competitive Analysis
Email Strategy & Execution
Lead Generation



Keep it real. Identifying and mapping an organization’s core attributes are key to developing messages that are honest, yet strategic. Once uncovered, strategic messages become the communication bridge posts, and ultimately support the brand voice.

Strategic Messaging
Copy Writing
Public Relations
Media Relations/Buying
Theme Development
Tagline Conception
Style/Tone Development
Employee Engagement


Seems Simple

Well, it is. But what makes our creative process unique are the people who drive it. Our team knows that every marketing initiative is multi-faceted and oftentimes has implications on other departments. We know how to keep everyone engaged, supportive and focused on the outcome.

Project Briefing >>
1 Understanding Business Goals
2 Conduct Research
3 Develop Strategy
4 Design & Build
5 Launch
6 Analyze & Optimize
Repeat Process >>

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