Professional Photography: 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Professional Photography

Using a phone camera for marketing? 4 Reasons professional photography is important.

With the click of a mouse, millions of products and services are available to people everywhere. This increased access has fueled the transition to a faster-paced, increasingly commercialized, and more visual world. Are you keeping up with the pace?

Oftentimes this momentum forces us to look for shortcuts just to stay relevant. But the quality of your imagery shouldnโ€™t be one of those timesavers. Following are four reasons you should maintain or consider implementing professional photography.

  1. A Powerful First Impression: As the clichรฉ goes, you only get one first impression. Good or bad, first impressions are an experience that resonates and stick with all of us. These observations help us draw conclusions and build beliefs about what we see in our consumption of media and marketing. If your product or service is presented with photography taken on your phone, youโ€™re likely getting poor composition, bad lighting, and oftentimes pixelated photos. That image is noted subconsciously by your customers, perhaps creating a perception that your offering is of poor quality or is a second-tier contender. Unless thatโ€™s the image you want to convey, utilizing a professional photographer can help manage those critical first impressions.
  2. Standing Out: Regardless of what youโ€™re peddling, thereโ€™s a constant struggle to differentiate from competitors. Look at companies that are successful in selling related products. Do they have a great visual image? Does their photography evoke a more professional, reliable or modern feel? If so, look to emulate those tactics which have the greatest appeal. If not, hereโ€™s your chance to differentiate! Capture the high quality of your offering through professional photography.
  3. An Emotional Appeal: Every picture that serves to portray your company should be as memorable as you are. The right picture can create a deep connection with your customers in a matter of seconds. Professional photographers are experts in the power of a photograph. By using the creative lighting, textures, filters, and props, professional photographers can turn a generic product into a work of art that appeals to the heart.
  4. Supporting Your Brand: If a picture is worth a thousand words, you ought to choose your pictures wisely! Professional photography allows you to integrate your persona in subtle ways, allowing you to support the brand recall and create top-of-mind awareness. For example, brand colors can be integrated as color splashes behind your product. Shiny or reflective textures can be added to evoke clean, modern, or high tech feelings. Gritty filters can be applied to imply homegrown or handmade craftsmanship. Whatever your brand reflects can be woven into the images you produce. Using professional photography is one of the best ways to grab attention, convey a message, and support the brand in an instant.

There are a few instances where your phone camera is completely sufficient (social media posts and intentional โ€œhomebrewโ€ positioning come to mind), but when it comes to making your product or service shine, treat it like the hero it is and call a professional photographer.