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6 Website Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

6 Tips to Stay a Step Ahead of Your Manufacturing Competitors

In the manufacturing industry websites are essential to not only demonstrating how your tools work, but they also add valuable content to your company and help identify you as an expert within your industry. A poorly marketed and poorly maintained website can lead to loss of sales, misunderstandings of your products and confusion by potential clients. Here are Marketing Tips for Manufacturers so you can stay a step ahead of your competitors with a great website.

When creating or revamping your companyโ€™s website, you need to be strategic and methodical in your planning.

  • Write for the Buyer

No matter your industry, manufacturers deal with products and services that can seem a bit technical for the average person. Although your audience may consist primarily of other like-minded individuals, your content should be written strategically so even someone who has no knowledge of your business can clearly understand what your company provides. Avoid too much jargon or technical terms and explain things in the most basic of ways. If a potential client canโ€™t quickly and clearly understand the services you provide, then they will very easily take their business to a competitor who may better explain and describe their services. Too much technical writing may overwhelm your customers and ultimately leave them with a negative experience of your company.

  • Create Engaging Content

We are in a mobile world. We are turning more into a visual society. Create content for your website that is engaging. Do you have a product that would be best described through an educational video? Would an informative graphic better explain the step-by-step process you are trying to convey? Think of ways to allow your audience to interact with your website. Visual content is a great way to go beyond the basic, and oftentimes wordy, description of an item. Plus, adding rich media such as videos to your website can help increase your visibility in online searches and draw more visitors to your website.

  • Increase Your Exposure

Liteflex websiteSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, helps drive traffic to your website. It is how search engines such as Bing or Google rank links that pop up during searches. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, think of it this way, what sort of words would someone type into a search to find your website. For example, if your company builds brake pads for cars, how would someone search for your companyโ€™s website? They may type in keywords such as brake pads, brake pad manufacturers, brake pad companies, parts for an Oldsmobile or automotive manufacturers to name just a few.

Knowing these keywords and phrases are common within your industry, you want to ensure you are consistently using them throughout the content on your website. If your website does not have these keywords throughout, there is a good chance that your company may not be ranked as high as some of your competitors. If search engines canโ€™t find you, then neither can your potential clients.

  • Celebrate Your Achievements

Was your company named a top business in your community? Have you received recognitions or awards that set you apart from your competitors? Now is your time to brag a bit. With most awards, you are given a logo that you can use for marketing materials and on your website. Donโ€™t post them as the number one thing you see when you land on your website. However, using these achievements and posting their logos a bit further down on your page lends credibility to your company and in the eyes of your potential clients, they may set you apart as a leader in your industry.

  • Keep It Simple

Customers will always have questions. Donโ€™t make it difficult for your clients to contact you. Whether it is a phone number or e-mail address or a simple Contact Us page on your website. Make it easy for your siteโ€™s visitors to have an option to contact you with any questions or concerns they may have. Really evaluate how many hoops you are having your customers jump through. Is your contact form simple or do they have to fill out a lengthy, and oftentimes frustrating, form to have someone reach out to them? If they want a quote for your services can they simply fill out a request form online? Remember, keep it easy. Constantly put yourself in the shoes of your customers and look at your website through their eyes.

  • Add Social Media Components

Many times companies that are more B2B driven take longer to integrate social media strategies into their marketing. Donโ€™t discount social media when thinking about your website. These social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn can help with your brand recognition and also help drive traffic back to your website.

Whether this is posting a video demonstrating your product in use to sharing product photos or new releases within your company, this is a great way to engage with your clientele in a cost-effective way. Plus, this is another opportunity for you to interact with and gain feedback from your customers. From direct messaging simply asking about your pricing or product information to reviews of your services, you have a real-time channel for getting genuine feedback directly from your clients and potential customers.

Social Media is not about “likes” anymore

Social media is no longer about how many โ€œlikesโ€ you have, but more about how you interact with your audience once they like you. Remember, social media is a tool to help your website. With each post you make, drive people back to your website. The more they are comfortable going to your site for information, the more they will rely on you for your services and expertise in your field.