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Sales Growth’s 2nd Step: Assess Your Brand

In our last blog, we introduced you to our manufacturer client, Jim, who’d realized that his traditional marketing approach wasn’t yielding sales growth for him anymore. Once he came to that conclusion and approached us, he wanted to know what his next step should be.

What did we suggest?

Well, that’s the second of our 8 Steps to Growing Sales. And it’s [...]


Growing Sales? 1st Step is Acknowledging You Can’t Do It All

About a year ago, we began consulting with Jim, who came to us for help with growing sales. He runs a small, family-owned manufacturing firm in the Dayton area.

Like many niche manufacturers, Jim’s company makes a trusted product. He has a talented and loyal staff. He’s perfected and streamlined his manufacturing processes. His product is the better, higher-quality solution.

But, when [...]


Why To Buy? It’s More Than Just Price.

Differentiating is key to growth

Positioning your company in a unique and memorable way is key to growing business. This is often easier said than done and requires a patient and methodical approach to assessing your organizational culture, beliefs and philosophies. It also requires identifying (and leveraging) the emotional appeal of your marketing efforts.

Functional aspects of your product aside, why would [...]

Brand Voice

Website Marketing: 6 Online Tips to Stand Apart

For manufacturers, websites are your front door to the world, featuring and selling your products 24/7. It should be no surprise that a poorly executed or rarely updated website can lead to a loss of credibility and sales by potential buyers – not things you need. But when you commit to keeping that website fresh, you should be purposeful in [...]


2018 Trends in Facebook Advertising That Will Help You Reach Prospects


Facebook has come along way since its debut in 2004, especially when it comes to the Facebook Advertising platform. Facebook has almost single-handedly turned paid social media marketing into a cornerstone of modern digital marketing tactics.

In the next year to come, we can all expect Facebook to evolve in deeper ways. These evolutions include both new features and shifts in [...]

Brand Messaging Strategy

Brand Strategy: Effective Basics

Whether your business is small or large, commercial or B2B, brand strategy is one of the most important aspects to your marketing strategy. Branded effectively, your company will have an edge over your competitors and create loyalty and trust between you and your clients. But really, what do we mean when we say branding? Think of it this way, branding [...]

Email Strategy & Execution

7 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has come back in full force, and brands that know their way around best practices can reap huge returns.

According to a survey of marketers conducted last summer, the average ROI from email campaigns was over 100 percent! This ROI beat out other marketing channels by over four times, including social media, paid search, and direct mail.

One study from [...]

Education Marketing

6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Consider Video Advertising

The benefits of digital video advertising have quickly switched it from a “nice to have” for larger businesses to a “must have.” Now, this status has begun to trickle down to smaller businesses.

Brands already embracing video ads have a distinct advantage over their competition.

Soon, video advertising for businesses could become table stakes for all business owners. Without it, they may [...]


Copywriting for Business Success

Write right: Effective content development takes some finesse.

When you think of engaging writers, Ernest Hemingway or Mark Twain might come to mind. But you probably wouldn’t think about the writer behind Rally’s “Cha-Ching” commercials or the author of McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it” spots (who were they anyway?). Immediately after Old Spice released their famous “The Man your Man Could Smell [...]


Promotional Items Should Be Practical

The next time you’re shopping for a corporate promotional item or give-away, look for things that reflect your brand but are still unique, have a high perceived value, and most of all, are practical. Here’s an example that B63 Line developed recently for Liteflex – a custom, medallion keychain.


While it is unique and does have a high perceived value (as [...]