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Website Optimization – The 4th Step in Jim’s Journey

“If you want to survive in business these days, you need website optimization. No getting around that. The sales cycle no longer adheres to a 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday schedule.

Your customers aren’t taking off holidays either. They’re doing business on their smartphones while sitting in restaurants waiting for their lunch orders. They’re waking up in the middle of the night with fresh [...]

Manufacturing Marketing

3rd Step to Growing Sales for Jim: Addressing Immediate Needs

Jim, our Dayton manufacturing client, came to us without a marketing plan. Furthermore, he had never really committed resources to building awareness. His website was obsolete and his brand was tired. He’d focused more energy on things he enjoyed: perfecting his products and improving process. As a result, marketing aways fell by the wayside.

That’s typical for small business owners, but [...]


5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help You Grow Your Business

In 2018, you need a marketing plan that makes best use of all the current Digital Marketing Trends. Otherwise, your competition will leave you in the dust.

Small business owners have made strides leveraging digital marketing over the past few years. Nearly every business out there has some form of online marketing strategy.

But those that are able to best take advantage [...]


Six Things Your B2B Content Marketing Needs to Be Doing

Business-to-business (B2B) content marketing uses many of the same principles as business-to-consumer (B2C) strategies but with a few key differences. Honing in on these differences can ensure that your B2B content marketing strategies remain relevant and effective in our ever-evolving business climate.

In fact, your B2B content marketing strategy will include several “must have” components. Without them, your ability to generate [...]


11 Steps to a Successful Social Media Contest

Running a social media contest offers one of the best strategies for getting audiences engaged, earning shares, and generating impressions. Following a careful procedure can increase your contest’s chances of success.

On the other hand, not having a plan and a strategy can mean that even the most popular contests accomplish little in the way of marketing goals, while taking resources [...]


Sales Growth’s 2nd Step: Assess Your Brand

In our last blog, we introduced you to our manufacturer client, Jim, who’d realized that his traditional marketing approach wasn’t yielding sales growth for him anymore. Once he came to that conclusion and approached us, he wanted to know what his next step should be.

What did we suggest?

Well, that’s the second of our 8 Steps to Growing Sales. And it’s [...]


The 1st Step to Growing Sales is Acknowledging You Can’t Do It All

About a year ago, we began consulting with Jim, who came to us for help with growing sales. He runs a small, family-owned manufacturing firm in the Dayton area.

Like many niche manufacturers, Jim’s company makes a trusted product. He has a talented and loyal staff. He’s perfected and streamlined his manufacturing processes. His product is the better, higher-quality solution.

But, when [...]


Why Buy? It’s More Than Just Price

The key to brand development is positioning your company in a unique, memorable way. That’s often easier said than done — especially in crowded market spaces and in an increasingly fractured, digitally-driven business environment. But emotive marketing is a powerful tool you can use to do so.

Effective brand development requires a patient and methodical approach.

First, you must assess your organization’s [...]

Brand Voice

Website Marketing: 6 Online Tips to Stand Apart

For manufacturers, websites are your front door to the world, featuring and selling your products 24/7. It should be no surprise that a poorly executed or rarely updated website can lead to a loss of credibility and sales by potential buyers – not things you need. But when you commit to keeping that website fresh, you should be purposeful in [...]


2018 Trends in Facebook Advertising That Will Help You Reach Prospects


Facebook has come along way since its debut in 2004, especially when it comes to the Facebook Advertising platform. Facebook has almost single-handedly turned paid social media marketing into a cornerstone of modern digital marketing tactics.

In the next year to come, we can all expect Facebook to evolve in deeper ways. These evolutions include both new features and shifts in [...]