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How to Improve Your Patient’s Digital Experience

Dayton, OH – Signage, colors, and structural elements. These are the โ€œwayfindingโ€ components architects and designers use to help visitors easily navigate through a health facility. But if the wayfinding systems are ineffective, visitors are faced with two choices: ask for help or leave in frustration.

The same can happen when a website lacks an effective digital version of wayfinding known [...]

Public Relations

Let your customers do the talking: How to use reviews in your content marketing

Dayton, Ohio – Your business can add credibility and complexity to its content when you regularly incorporate the positive feedback your customers leave. This practice, a form of content marketing, has an added bonus of rewarding customers for their praise. It strengthens your relationship with them and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.

You may think that simply regurgitating customer [...]


Improving the Patient Experience

Improving patient experience is all the buzz. But where do you begin?

For starters, you might think patients rate their healthcare experience solely on outcomes. A reasonable expectationโ€”but not entirely correct, reports APNORC. More than half of consumers base their experiences on doctor personality and relationship. That compares to slightly more than a quarter based on the delivery of care or [...]


How to Gain Referrals for Your Healthcare Practice

Your practice is busy. But is it busy enough? What are you doing to gain referrals? Read on for some ideas on how to gain referrals for your healthcare practice.

Consider patient attritionโ€”the number of active patients that you lose from your practice. These departures can occur for a variety of reasons. For instance, people move and have to find a [...]


Retargeting: What It Is, and Why Every Business Should Use It

Modern digital ads can have a huge relevancy problem. Using a retargeting strategy is one of the best ways to solve it.

With retargeting, you only show ads to people who have indicated interest in your product or website before. Usually, the interest-signaling behavior is a visit to a particular page on your website. ย 

Sounds a little creepy.

Healthcare Marketing

The Changing Face of Healthcare Marketing

Years ago, physicians had no need for healthcare marketing. They were, in a sense, part of the family โ€œinheritance.” Doctors were passed down from one generation to the next. Relationships were established with parents, children, and, in some case, their childrenโ€™s children.

Doctors were trusted and their judgment was rarely questioned. This was due to healthcare information being largely out of [...]


How often should I be posting to my blog?

Blogging frequency is somewhat of a sticky topic in the digital marketing world. Some people have hard and fast beliefs about it. Some say, โ€œyou have to post seven blogs per week or EVERYTHING WILL EXPLODE!โ€ Others only post whenever they feel like it, which can be as unpredictable as it sounds.

In truth, both camps are wrong. Posting on a [...]

Manufacturing Marketing

8th Step to Growing Sales: Measure Success and Reproduce Results

You’ve made it! Today, you’ll learn about the last step (to date) in Jim’s business journey โ€” the point at which he began to measure marketing success.

But this isnโ€™t quite the end of his journey, nor will it be the end of yours. That’s because measuring marketing success is only half of the last of our 8 Steps to Growing [...]

Lead Generation

7th Step to Growing Sales: Support Jim’s Sales Team

Welcome to the 7th entry of our 8 Steps to Growing Sales blog series. It is now time to focus in on sales team support

How best to do that while keeping your sales pipeline full? Thatโ€™s the question Jim, our automotive manufacturing client in Dayton, asked us when he got to this stage of the process. Here was our approach:

1. [...]

Manufacturing Marketing

6th Step to Growing Sales for Jim: Motivating Customers

Letโ€™s talk about how to motivate customers to buy. If youโ€™ve kept track, weโ€™ve discussed 5 of our 8 Steps for Growing Sales. They included:

Acknowledging you can’t do it all Stepping back to make an objective assessment of your brand Addressing your immediate needs Optimizing your website Developing a robust, multi-channel, integrated sales funnel

That was a lot of commendable work, but there’s still more [...]