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Brand Messaging Strategy

The Basics of Building an Effective Brand

Your Brand is Your Promise

Discover the Basics of Building an Effective Brand

All businesses need an effective brand. Whether your business is small or large, commercial or B2B, branding is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. Branded effectively, your company will have an edge over your competitors and create loyalty and trust between you and your clients. [...]


6 Website Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

6 Tips to Stay a Step Ahead of Your Manufacturing Competitors

In the manufacturing industry websites are essential to not only demonstrating how your tools work, but they also add valuable content to your company and help identify you as an expert within your industry. A poorly marketed and poorly maintained website can lead to loss of sales, misunderstandings of your [...]

Competitive Analysis

Three Reasons Market Research Is A Must

Wait! Before you write off market research as โ€œjust added costโ€ to the marketing budget, we think itโ€™s important to consider a few things. This article seeks to demonstrate the value of market research and show why itโ€™s actually an investment that pays dividends.

You see, advertising, communicating and promotion certainly cost money. But have you considered the lost [...]