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Helping customers find product quickly.

Client: Carbide Probes /Services:


A family-owned manufacturer striving to continue to grow and succeed in the ever changing global and digital marketplace.


As a “full-service” agency, B63 got all of it’s gears spinning in order to help Carbide Probes improve their appeal both physically in their factory/office space and printed catalog, as well as digitally through their website. Through working in tandem with the client, B63 was able to help Carbide Probes reach their goals.



With mobile technology increasing everyday, Carbide Probes knew they needed to update their website in order to remain near the top of online searches. They turned to B63 Line to design and develop a new website that improves the usability when performing product searches and is mobile friendly.

Brand Refresh

Carbide Probes identity was due for a refresh, B63 improved the legibility of the company name while staying true to Carbide Probes roots with the icon. Colors were made more vibrant to appear more eye catching.