photo of an older couple smiling from a porch

Optimizing sales support materials.

Client: Graceworks Lutheran Services /Services:


Graceworks Lutheran Services needed a welcoming package of marketing materials to attract prospective residents to their campus for rehabilitation, assisted living and nursing care.


B63ย developed a cohesive, warm and inviting set of printed collateral that could be expanded as new services were added. All the pieces incorporated photography of actual campus residents to demonstrate Graceworksโ€™ values of stewardship, faith, integrity, quality, equality and wholeness of life.

Pocket Folder and Information Tri-folds

B63ย used a bright color palette to differentiate the individual services; and crafted informative, but friendly content to draw interest of potential patients/residents.

Floor Plan Illustrations

Illustrations of all the cottages and apartments were designed in a clear and concise manner for seniors to easily understand and compare their living options.

Intake Forms and Resident Guidelines

B63ย developed a system of templates that incorporated a content hierarchy for easy reference and readability.