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Helping employees to be educated voters.

Client: International Paper /Services:


Getting employees registered to vote and helping them make informed choices, by educating them on how their law makers have voted on issues that affect International Paper.


B63 developed three distinct messages over six months and through various channels to encourage employees to register, learn about candidates, and vote early. Bright colors and thought-provoking, statistical messages were key elements in engaging the varied communities and locations within IP. Political icons were created and used to create a series of larger graphic images, each supporting the broader messages and headlines.

international paper voting logo
international paper voting brochures

Direct Mail Brochures

A direct mail brochure was mailed to employees' homes. Each brochure contained a chart of issues that were important to IP and tied those graphically - through the use of icons - to each candidate, based on their voting records and participation with IP facilities. The brochure was variable imaged based on the employee's voting district so that each employee received only relevant information on political issues and candidate races in their voting area.

open view of voting brochure
up close view of international paper voting brochure

Promotional Items

Various promotional items were designed and produced to ensure maximum visibility to employees during the campaign. Items inclulded pop-up banners, electronic displays, posters, website banners, buttons, powerpoint presentations and addition promotional giveaways distributed at corporate events.

international paper voting display banners