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Attracting world-class talent to a Midwestern market.

Client: Kettering Health Network /Services:


Attracting world-class physicians to minor markets can be challenging, to say the least. Such was the case for Kettering Health Network, who sought a way to convey the rich culture, history of innovation and lifestyle benefits of Dayton, Ohio to their prospective recruits.


B63 began with targeted messaging integrated into an elegant and modern brochure-folder design. Dramatic, custom photography mixed with warm, inviting tones conveyed a sense of comfort, security and work/life balance. Content emphasized regional assets such as golf courses, cultural attractions and community amenities; the area’s friendly, hard-working patient base; reduced traffic congestion and stress; and Dayton’s centralized location to major metro markets.


Physician Recruitment Collateral

The beautifully designed brochure was produced with die cuts and a soft-touch coating to invite further inspection. A pocket inside the back cover held business cards and customizable insert sheets, which could be organized based upon the recipient’s demographics. Customizable templates were also developed for variable-imaged inserts based upon specific client requirements.