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Engineering a collaborative initiative for risk reduction.

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers /Services:


With increasing storm risk to our nation’s coastlines and reduced sources of funding, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sought to partner with other invested parties to support their Internal Water Resources (IWR) initiatives. In conjunction with FEMA, NOAA and VIMS, they created a collaborative effort called the Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering, or SAGE.


Geared toward public agencies, non-governmental agencies, business and industry, academia and non-profit organizations, SAGE has become a center of best practice and a resource for improved methods of risk reduction. B63 Line assisted the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in developing messaging to compare and contrast various types of stabilization solutions while demonstrating the features and benefits of each.

Branding, Info-graphics, Communications

The use of dimensional illustrations, sample photography and easy-to-compare statistics along a spectrum of options provide effective tools for communicating to a very broad audience – some with very limited (or no) engineering background. Also supporting this initiative was the development of the SAGE brand, identity and strategic messages.

inside picture of the USACE brochure