Education Marketing

Supporting institutions large and small.

Engaging students and growing enrollment.

Education MarketingWhether you are a provider of public, private, or corporate education, there’s no denying we live in a knowledge-based economy. Preschool, primary, secondary and post-secondary education institutions transfer the skill currency we use every day to improve our lives. Even graduates and workers are continually called upon to expand their proficiency in order to execute daily job requirements and to remain competitive.

In addition to traditional students, educational institutions today must develop unique drivers for a more diverse pool of people than ever before. Working adults; distance learners; international students; workforce development candidates and more – all need distinct communication channels, targeted messages, and personalized value propositions to capture their attention and encourage engagement.

You need support. We have solutions.

Raise Awareness

  • Social Media
  • Program Brochures
  • Campus Publications
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Traditional & Online Advertising
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Community Outreach

Grow Enrollment

  • Market Research
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Engaging Website Design
  • Student View Books
  • Enrollment Support
  • Campus Tour Maps & Videos
  • Direct Mail Campaigns

Increase Funding

  • Solicitation Kits
  • Government Relations
  • Community & Alum Engagement
  • Event Planning
  • Online Donation Portals

Services to support every initiative.

With experience engaging prospective students and their parents, non-traditional prospects, alumni, student organizations, staff, faculty and community partners, B63 Line supports awareness building, recruitment campaigns, service/facility launches and capital fundraising for both academic and athletic initiatives.

We understand the ongoing need for learning that cuts across all segments of modern society. We have experience in crafting strategic marketing campaigns that reach learners at every stage of their educational journey. We successfully support the business initiatives of the educational institutions that provide critical learning opportunities to student populations. We provide strategic support in the following areas:

Our client success stories exemplify the effectiveness of our approach in the educational market. We invite you to become better acquainted with our work in creating successful outcomes for educational institutions of all sizes.