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Is Your Digital House in Order?

Dayton, Ohio – As companies have built out their digital marketing approaches and adopted new platforms and social media channels, often these new digital approaches are added onto existing strategies, rather than examined for their own unique contributions. Every aspect of digital marketing undergoes updates, new features are added or new restrictions put into place requiring companies to constantly evaluate digital marketing choices and approaches.

At B63 Line, weโ€™re firm believers that all of your digital marketing needs to form a firm foundation like a Jengaยฎ tower so you donโ€™t wind up with a weak base and varied approaches on each platform your company uses. What are the goals for your website? Is your website mobile responsive? Who do you want to reach with your online ads? Who is your audience and where do they gather online? Are your digital channels supporting your sales efforts? Are you maximizing your digital marketing budgets? These are just a few of the questions a digital marketing audit will answer

So, what is a digital marketing audit?

hand drawing digital marketing content marketing opt-in emails seo onboarding social mediaA digital marketing audit is simply a thorough investigation of all of your digital marketing efforts to determine how well they are working together to support and build your brand online. At B63 Line, we examine the performance of your website, UX/UI approach, search, social media, email marketing, and content marketing is evaluated โ€“ giving you an understanding of where your digital gaps and loopholes exist. By spending some time looking at what you have done, you will learn more about how to maximize the opportunities and platforms of tomorrow.

While there are a few different ways of approaching a digital marketing audit, B63 Lineโ€™s comprehensive process focuses first on a companyโ€™s goals and objectives, in both sales and marketing, to train our eyes on what changes will have the most impact.

Website Audit

Beyond page rank, understanding site performance, popular pages/content, the power of backlinks, on page optimization, and page load times all point to areas for improvement. The age of a website also can impact the success and value of your web presence. As sites age, they can fall out of compliance, security issues can arise, sites donโ€™t translate on the mobile screen, widgets can fail, and image size and format can all combine to slow a site and impact search traffic.

Keyword Audit

While there are a number of keywords a site can rank for, the real question is are these the right keywords to drive sales, downloads, demos, likes and gain a competitive advantage. A thorough keyword analysis starts with goals and key calls to action in order to sort current and high potential new keywords to build into web page content, titles and meta descriptions, blog, and social media posts and pay-per-click campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Audit

Examining the PPC audit goes hand-in-hand with the keyword audit since the goal is to understand how current paid campaigns are working and opportunities to lower costs with less competitive keywords or exploiting long tail keywords. Understanding current cost per acquisition, download or cost of sales helps to then zero in on strategies that reach the right audience at an affordable price.

While the overview doesnโ€™t give you in-depth information regarding your customers, it will help you target broad interests like devices and locations.

UX/UI Audit

user experience ux uiMaking a site easy to navigate through, with content that is appealing starts with reaching out to users to understand their likes and dislikes and what may be driving them to other platforms like social media platforms. While knowing what users like about the current site is important, know what they feel is missing is even more valuable in understanding what could be added. How inviting are your siteโ€™s visuals? Are the siteโ€™s colors and photos appealing? Is information easy to search for and find? A poor user experience can often drive a prospect away, never to return.

What’s the Bottom Line?

To get consistent results from online marketing, audits are a necessity. Combining the audits creates a more comprehensive view of where your digital marketing excels and where changes would have a significant impact on existing and future marketing strategies. Understanding how to best utilize each aspect of your digital marketing strategy allows your team to better plan content approaches, streamline approaches, and often find cost savings to maximize digital marketing budgets.
Smart marketers constantly monitor their approach and make adjustments along the way to improve. Adding a comprehensive audit makes it easier to identify the big, overlooked problems that keep campaigns from meeting marketing and sales goals.

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