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Manufacturing Marketing

Launching a new brand into a mature market.

Client: Patients’ and Consumers’ Pharmaceuticals /Services: Branding, Design, Digital, Marketing, Communications


Introducing a high-impact, disruptive technology, Patients’ and Consumers’ Pharmaceuticals was challenged with getting noticed, educating a market resistant to change and communicating value to prospective buyers. Targeting segments likely to be early adopters and establishing the first set of users was key to building an initial revenue stream and creating independent advocates of the new technology.


B63 utilized market data and targeted survey results to refine a messaging platform that resonated with users. A naming convention was developed for P&C Pharma, it’s formulary database and introductory milling machine. An entire branding system was also created for future brand extensions.

P&C Pharma Brand Architecture
quartetrx compounding has a new tune



An easy-to-use website was developed to communicate key product and service attributes. A client portal was integrated to allow users to access proprietary compounding formulations and to reorder supplies as needed.

Exhibit Display

Banners and pop-up displays were created for exhibits and trade expositions. Strategic messages and a consistent visual tone were integrated to support the new brand image.

quartetrx maximum efficiency maximum productivity
quartetrx advancing the future of pharmacies


Business papers, product overview sheets and supporting print material rounded out the initial launch campaign to create an aura of technology, innovation and credibility.