Effective branding speaks to your audience’s desires and requires an honest inventory of what makes you unique among competitors. It must also create an emotional connection to what you’re selling. Whether you’re looking to define your image, update a logo, or develop an entire brand architecture, we can help generate the proper emotional response to your product or service. Properly executed, it’s that connection that will ensure engagement, build influence and create long-term loyalty.

Name Development

B63 Line employs its own brand naming process which considers purpose, positioning, competition, trademark protection and target market testing.

Logo Development

Through a six-step creative process, we design identities which are strategic, distinct and memorable. Designs are evaluated for usability across all applications and potential infringement concerns are vetted. The process of trademark registration can be supported as needed.

Brand Positioning

We help position your brand in the mind of your customers, helping them associate unique and desirable attributes with your product or service. This is supported through research, data, messaging and design.

Messaging Strategy

Through a strategic messaging session and brand persona identification, B63 develops a strategy for developing and deploying your brand voice and key messages.

Standards Integration

B63 Line understands the importance of brand consistency and works hard to protect your brand by upholding your graphic and language standards.

Brand Architecture

We can create an entire brand architecture to establish how your corporate identity trickles down into sub-brands, divisions, departments, offices and with considerations for future brand extensions.

Our Process

Well, it is. But what makes our creative process unique are the people who drive it. Our team knows that every marketing initiative is multi-faceted and oftentimes has implications on other departments. We know how to keep everyone engaged, supportive and focused on the outcome.

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1 Understanding Business Goals
2 Conduct Research
3 Develop Strategy
4 Design & Build
5 Launch
6 Analyze & Optimize
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