Oftentimes companies need to focus on improving specific functional areas of their business before investing in marketing and social media activities. As former consultants, industry advisors, financial managers, and sales and marketing experts, B63 Line provide consulting services that not only align business units but gets your digital house in order so marketing and sales investments can be maximized.

Sales & Marketing Audits

When both sales and marketing work in alignment, both can successfully achieve their goals of brand development and quality lead flow. When marketing understands sales, they have a keen sense of ideal buyers and influencers and how best to communicate a brandโ€™s value. When sales focuses on providing market information, competitive intelligence and feedback on marketing initiatives it ensures the most effective sales tools are delivered. B63 Lineโ€™s sale and marketing audit process seek areas of misalignment that often lead to underperforming revenue growth and friction between the two departments. Our goal is to deliver a roadmap that guides both teams to a stronger position.

Digital Assessment

Rather than focusing on one aspect of a companyโ€™s digital assets, B63 Line understands the value of coordinating and aligning the effectiveness of a companyโ€™s website, SEO strategy, paid online media, social media efforts, and email marketing. Gaining better digital strategy alignment among all of a companyโ€™s digital marketing efforts ensures brand message consistency, more effective search results, greater open rates, and enhanced traffic to social media and website portals where engagement and leads can be developed effectively.

Product & Service Commercialization

While creating new products and services has its own disciplines, bringing a fully commercialized product or service to market is where man companies struggle. As startup consultants and having worked in economic development, B63 Line has experience working with companies ranging from startups to mature companies seeking to extend their reach with new IP, new technology or a new product approaches. B63 Line works with companies to develop go-to-market plans, size markets, establish sales strategies and position companies for potential investment.

Our Process

Well, it is. But what makes our creative process unique are the people who drive it. Our team knows that every marketing initiative is multi-faceted and oftentimes has implications on other departments. We know how to keep everyone engaged, supportive and focused on the outcome.

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1 Understanding Business Goals
2 Conduct Research
3 Develop Strategy
4 Design & Build
5 Launch
6 Analyze & Optimize
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