Looking good and standing out is important. But being understood is even more critical. Whether trying to educate or motivate, our design approach is customized to your specific target and channels. B63 Line uses a mix of experience, customer input and marketing data to zero in on the best approach. With a customer-focused view clearly in mind, we then create visuals that support the brand, communicate in your customer’s language and move your targets to take action. Our goal is to design and create campaigns that work across all channels.

Graphic Design

Our approach to design is simple – first and foremost, it must communicate in a clear way that connects with your audience. Pretty pictures and fancy fonts are nice, but if your message isn’t being conveyed in ways that support your strategy, they are doing nothing for you. We focus first on audience needs and expectations and then design visual approaches that engage your audience.


Illustration can go a long way in simplifying information or communicating abstract ideas. These can be developed in the form of infographics, 3D renderings, technical drawings, architectural drawings, caricatures, and editorial abstracts.

Motion Graphics/Animation

Giving illustrations motion or putting processes into action helps simplify complex or technical information allowing teams to fast track sales conversations. B63 Line provides motion graphic design and animation for various uses, including video, web and media applications.

Sales/Marketing Collateral

Sales and marketing teams need print and digital collateral to support sales and branding efforts beyond tradition advertising materials. B63 Line understands how to support sales and marketing teams with sales materials, giveaways and premium items, promotional landing pages, service folders, brochure systems, etc. for constantly branded and cohesive collateral.

Environmental Design

Often one aspect of marketing is overlooked and that’s the design of your office or retail space. Color, design, decorations, and fixtures all can help support your brand and create a lasting impression on those who visit your location. B63 Line employs the same design rigor to create a branded look and feel that’s appealing to your customers, clients, and employees.

Conference Exhibits

Developing eye-catching and appealing conference and exhibit space draws in prospects and encourages conversations. B63 Line focuses not only on your brand needs but the information and value drivers of your key prospects and buyers to create conference and exhibit concepts that motivate action. Our design team is also sensitive to the set-up requirements and exhibit build time, utilizing easy to assemble parts and lightweight elements to reduce build time and shipping costs.

Our Process

Well, it is. But what makes our creative process unique are the people who drive it. Our team knows that every marketing initiative is multi-faceted and oftentimes has implications on other departments. We know how to keep everyone engaged, supportive and focused on the outcome.

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1 Understanding Business Goals
2 Conduct Research
3 Develop Strategy
4 Design & Build
5 Launch
6 Analyze & Optimize
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