How to effectively use linkedin for networking

Seven Ways You Should Be Marketing on LinkedIn

Dayton, Ohio – LinkedIn continues to be one of the strongest social media platforms for B2B marketing. In addition to being the easiest social channel for finding targeted B2B audiences, LinkedIn has made an aggressive push over the last 12 months to turn itself into a more powerful content marketing platform. B63 Line has been successfully leveraging the power of LinkedIn on behalf of a number of clients in various industries. Here are just a few of the strategies we have found to be most effective:

1. Write Native Blog Posts

The first strategy is to create native blog posts on the LinkedIn platform. When we say native, we’re referring to taking the content that you regularly post to the blog on your website and posting an abbreviated version of it directly inside of LinkedIn’s content editor so that the content gets distributed to a wider audience on LinkedIn. Within the post, include a link back to the blog on your website to encourage readers to get more detail.

LinkedIn prefers this strategy since it often keeps their users inside of LinkedIn to consume your content before deciding to leave to view deeper content on your website. The benefit is that your content will get wider distribution and increases its potential to be shared inside of LinkedIn.

2. Post Videos

The second strategy is to use video. Again, in this case, upload video files directly into LinkedIn’s content editor rather than linking to a YouTube video outside of LinkedIn. Video has been given a much higher priority by LinkedIn in 2019 and gives companies an opportunity to communicate with audiences in a way that’s more entertaining and engaging. Video can be professionally developed or companies can utilize in-house video to deliver quick โ€œlive videoโ€ discussions on trending topics.

3. Use Hashtags with Your Content

Using hashtags is an effective way for getting content found. Similar to other social media platforms, hashtags on LinkedIn create a way for users to search for content by keywords and topics. Researching popular or trending hashtags, allows content to be discovered in searches and through groups most interested in specific topics.

4. Start Your Own Group

Starting a group within LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership in your particular market and to create relationships with a large number of people very quickly. It’s very easy to start a group in LinkedIn, and it can be a very powerful asset to your business and your personal brand. As with any group, itโ€™s important to establish clear rules for posting and comments and to regularly share ideas and topics that get group members talking. There is little value in a group that does not share thought provoking topics or articles of interest on weekly basis or allows spam and personal promotions to overtake the group feed.

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