After seven years of growth under the Baldwin Creative & Co. moniker, we have changed our name to B63 Line. This is the culmination of a year-long strategic process to better position the company for the industries and organizations we serve.

In homage to an old New York City rail line, our new namesake is meant to reflect the solid, reliable nature of its original Baldwin locomotives. Since 1860, that line has continued to transport people to businesses near Madison Avenue; moving the masses and powering growth. Just like that iconic line, we too, move people (albeit in a different manner) and the new B63 name is meant to reflect that.

Judy Brinegar, President, provides this explanation:

“The reasons for the move were many. Among them was a misconception about what services we actually provided. For some, ‘Creative’ was perceived as trivial or subjective in nature. To the contrary, our processes are very strategic and our approach is always focused on measurable outcomes. The word ‘Creative' just didn’t reflect that very well.”

Steve Baldwin, Chief Marketing Strategist, adds:

“It’s also important to note that creative services are only a small part of our professional offering. From research to messaging and branding to logistics, our small-town team of first-class professionals powers all aspects of marketing and communication to make our clients look great.”

This change affects our name and identity only. B63 Line retains all of its current partners, staff and clients and remains located off of Research Boulevard in Beavercreek, Ohio.