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Website Optimization – The 4th Step in Jim’s Journey

“If you want to survive in business these days, you need website optimization. No getting around that. The sales cycle no longer adheres to a 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday schedule.

Your customers aren’t taking off holidays either. They’re doing business on their smartphones while sitting in restaurants waiting for their lunch orders. They’re waking up in the middle of the night with fresh ideas. And their pulling out their tablets to search for companies to help make those ideas come to fruition.

To complicate things, they lack patience for business websites that don’t, or can’t, instantly provide the information they seek. If it’s not on your website, ready to be found, or if your website optimization lacks effectiveness, then thereโ€™s a good chance theyโ€™ll never know you exist.

That’s exactly what was happening to Jim, who owns a small automotive parts manufacturing company in Dayton, Ohio. When Jim came to B63 Line for marketing help, his website wasn’t generating the traffic he needed. He wasn’t getting qualified leads either. Consequently, he was losing ground to competitors whose sites were more visible and more functional.

But we were able to turn things around for him. With improved website optimization, his site now ranks at the top of search engine results. As a result, qualified leads โ€” and revenues โ€” are on the rise. So, letโ€™s take a deeper look into the 4th of our 8 Steps for Growing Sales:ย Optimize Your Website.

Develop your website first, then build the sales funnel to support it.

Many small business owners understand that e-commerce is tremendously important. Oftentimes they don’t think they have the time, expertise, or resources to build a competitive portal. But ask yourself: in the long run, might it be more expensive not to invest in your web capabilities?

Donโ€™t feel bad if your website is lacking. Jimโ€™s had been for years. It didn’t show his current product line. It lacked product photos and reasonable arguments for engaging. The few customers who were hitting his text-heavy site were not impressed and were bouncing right back out.

Moreover, slow load times, wonky graphics and 404 errors had squashed his business’s search engine ranking. Jim’s products were essentially invisible to the customers he sought to serve. This, despite the truly superior products he was manufacturing and offering at competitive prices.

Our chief marketing strategist believes that “20% of your effort often leads to 80% of your results.” So after consulting with Jim, he took an objective, holistic look at the business and identified the most pressing, easily-met needs. Turns out, re-developing his company’s web portal became the next, most immediate priority. Here are the principles we relied upon to get Jimโ€™s sales leads flowing once again.

With website optimization, you’ll ensure prospects find you.

If you’d walked into a department store 25 years ago and found confusing signage, no prices listed and no sales associates around to help you, you wouldn’t have stuck around long enough to buy anything, right?

Today, your customers feel the same way when researching or shopping online. First, they need to be able to find your company while on the go. So be sure to adhere to a “mobile-first” design philosophy during development. Also, make sure the design promotes quick loading and minimal data usage.

Customers need to understand, at a glance, what your company does and what your value proposition is. Make sure your website immediately directs them to the information they seek about your products and services. Just like those department store shoppers, your customers don’t want to feel overwhelmed by jargon, pushy sales language, or environmental clutter. Your site’s text should be just informative enough. Copy should be well-balanced with open, airy visuals.

Images should have appropriate tags and alt text descriptions, too. They improve your site’s accessibility and, consequently, improve its visibility for search engines. Your website should also quickly guide visitors who have technical questions. Steer them to the people within your company who have answers. Leverage your marketing team for a site design that’s intuitive to use and highly usable. Then be sure it meets all standards for accessibility and security.

Finally, your site should feature content that engages your customers. It should promote your business’s online discoverability. And most important of all, it must inspire your customers to take action.

We’ll talk more about content development in our next blog.

Come take the next step with B63 Line. We’re an agile, full-service marketing agency and a certified woman-owned business serving the Dayton Region and Southwest Ohio into Cincinnati. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the pressures you face. We know how to meet them, and we know how to beat them, just as we did for Jim.

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