Wright State University Basketball Court Design
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Improving fan experience to grow game attendance

Client: Wright State University Athletics /Services: Branding, Design, Marketing


Wright State Universityโ€™s basketball teams were gaining national attention with notable staff hires and on-court successes. But their arena floor was reaching the limit of its serviceable lifespan and was looking a bit tired.ย ย B63 Line was tagged by Wright State University athletics to redesign their basketball court to help the overall fan experience and grow game attendance.


This Division I school recognized the floor replacement was an opportunity to continue building national awareness and recognition. With the investment in a new court, televised presence, fan engagement, and even player usability could be elevated. B63 Line provided design concepts which conformed with NCAA and Horizon League requirements. They made the school branding much more impactful and utilized the latest trends in paints, stains and finishes.

Wright State Basketball Court Design
wright state basketball court
Basketball Court Concepts

Basketball Court Design

The Wright State University basketball floor was redesigned while leveraging brand colors, fonts, and icons. The athletic departmentโ€™s URL and tag were included to help drive digital engagement. The logo was nearly tripled in size, while sub brands (league and sponsor logos) were muted to reduce visual clutter. Particular focus was paid to contrast and legibility for television viewers, and a state map was included in each corner to provide geographic reference.

Environmental Graphics

While leveraging excitement around the new sports floor, Wright State sought to further enhance fan experience with environmental graphics. B63 Line designed wall graphics to draw people into the Raider Pub. The design included a brick texture with false lighting to create a cozy, pub-like feeling. Photos of school athletes, school jerseys, and autographed game balls completed the effect to draw people in.

Basketball Court Concepts